About Us

Life is full of adventures and journeys, but sometimes that means being separated from those you love. I grew up with a dad who served 9 years in the Navy and hearing of all the amazing deployments he went on. But those were also stories of the long distance separations my parents experienced in an era without cell phones.
Moving to the Boston, to attend college, was the first time I experienced separation by distance from my family. What helped me most, in those moments of home sickness, were the loving care packages my mom would send me once a month.
Just a few semesters into college, I found myself in my own long distance relationship with a military man, experiencing distance from 1,000 miles apart, to 6,000 miles apart during overseas deployments.
So many of us are separated from a loved one, so Many the Miles Co. was created to help alleviate and close that distance and time apart. We offer care packages to help your loved ones feel closer to you.